Planet Earth Arts performances

Spring Dance Theater Performance

This month, Planet Earth Arts—an initiative of Sustainable World Coalition—is presenting the West Coast Premiere of a powerful new dance theater work celebrating whales, dolphins and porpoises, crying out against their captivity and slaughter.

The Sacrifice of Giants has stunned and moved audiences throughout Europe. We are thrilled to bring the acclaimed Camille Hanson Dance Company from Madrid, Spain, direct from Lincoln Center in NYC for this special free Earth Day show. Join us for a Planet Earth Arts transformance that will deepen your connection to Mother Earth and all her children.  


Sunday, April 24, 2:00 pm (free of charge)
Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford
Tickets & Info:


For Earth Day: Help Mother Earth End Global Warming

Before Earth day, please click here to sign the petition to declare a national and international global warming State of Emergency. Do something great this Earth Day to protect Mother Earth!


Join us for a very special evening, featuring sonic textures, chanting, poetry and ritual — a chance to blend our hearts and voices together in community.

Saturday, April 9, 8 pm. San Rafael, CA
For tickets and info, click here.


Planetary Zeitgeist


Vinit Allen, Director

The dominant culture of “modern” society is one based primarily on the pursuit of profit and material goods—hence we are often called “consumers.” We have lost the felt sense of the sacred in everyday life.

To turn the tide of ecological damage and social injustice, we’ll need to start close to home, rebuilding our own temple, the sacred within us, guided by the heart and dedicated to healing our separation from nature and each other.

For indigenous peoples, temples often had—and have—important sacred functions. Many are receivers of cosmic energy, which guides and nourishes the tribe, like the Tree of Life.

The Earth herself can be a temple if we experience the sacred in her and appreciate her many blessings for us. So can our home be a temple… even our workplace or organization.

Guided by the sacred, our activism can and will succeed; we go without it at our peril.


Sustainable World Sourcebook:

Now Available as a Donation

SW Coalition has received a grant to donate boxes of our award-winning Sustainable World Sourcebook to some deserving recipients. We’re looking for organizations who will commit to putting these books into the hands of employees, members, customers, clients, donors, etc. – people who want to learn what we need to do to make the world a better place.

Know a sustainability-minded organization that you can let us know about?

With a Foreword by Paul Hawken in a compelling graphics-rich, magazine-style format, it enables readers to get up to speed quickly by summarizing:

  The major global issues of our time

  The most promising real-world solutions

  What we can do personally to make a difference