The Horrible Hundred 2016: Puppy Mills Exposed

Buying a puppy online or from a pet store? You could be supporting businesses like these

  • At Joette Peterson’s South Dakota breeding operation, puppies were found with no protection from the cold. Photo by USDA


Problem puppy mills continue to abound in the U.S., and we’re exposing 100 of them in our fourth annual Horrible Hundred report.

The report describes terrible conditions documented by state or USDA inspectors at dog breeding operations. This year’s list includes many “repeat offenders” who were exposed in a previous report yet still fail to meet basic standards of care.

An AKC “Breeder of Merit,” where underweight and injured dogs were found in unsanitary conditions, appears in this year’s report, as do six breeders who supplied puppies to the Hunte Corporation—one of the largest providers of puppies to pet stores. Others on the list failed to provide veterinary care to dogs with injuries, festering wounds, and poor eye and dental health. One had C-sections performed on her dogs in a dirty shed, and at another, puppies were left outside in subzero temperatures.

For dogs in puppy mills, conditions like these are the norm—and no matter what the sellers say, breeders like these are the source of most dogs sold online, in pet stores or at flea markets.

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